Feb 28, Varadero for a few days

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Varadero yet again. We like Elisa and Pepe both the casa and the hosts as well as his Joan(their son) and his wife Aylin and their daughter Julien.

Varadero is sprucing itself up. There didn’t seem to be as many tourists around Varadero this year but Pepe was saying it was a very busy year. Perhaps the tourists are staying closer to the resorts. His personal bookings are way up this year. That’s good but we have to book earlier if we want to get into his casa again.

We walked the length of Varadero and got to the tabacco store and bought our supply of cigars for our friends. The Coheba blacks that we bought in Vinalies are only sold in boxes of 25 $475 CUC please! No in my world.

Joan and Aylin are living in Aylin’s mother’s house now. Aylin’s mother died when she was young and the house sat unused for a long time. They are now fixing it up and it is going to be a long process getting it done but it is coming along. We went over and had coffee and had a great visit at their place.

We told them about gradually fixing up our place and it taking many years to get it where we wanted it. They are starting a lot further back than we did, but they will get there. Joan is very worried about the country’s future. We talked a long time that.

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