January 22, 2014 A day to adjust to Cuban weather

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We are lazy travelers, we don’t bust a gut trying to do everything and see everything. Our objective is to have a good winter vacation in Cuba, not to see and do everything. If a place is really interesting and we just HAVE to come back to see something we missed, we will, someday. In fact there are very few places checked completely off of our list. It’s not that we wouldn’t to go back to Pinar del Rio it’s just there are other places to see first.

01-breakfast-at-elisa-and-pepes-jpgWe had breakfast at Pepe’s and it was great as usual, we forget how good the bananas are here, they taste so good compared to the large ones we get at home. They are small and flavorful. The fresh fruit, the fresh eggs, the only thing that is usually not good on the table is the cheese. It is the cheese they have and they offer what they have. Next year I was thinking of taking a couple bricks of cheese with me.

The “artisan” area that was just under development last year was fully stocked and busy this year. This year the fad seems to be leather work. Leather hats, bags of all kinds, hides with painting on them, …

We walked down the beach and saw something large and white bobbing in on the surf. We were sad to see that it was a very large sea turtle dead and bloated. It didn’t take long bouncing on the beach with the surf that it deflated and the smell was horrendous. It was sad to see but still it was nice to see one as big as that.

Pepe invited us to the restaurant where he works for a coffee. We walked over and had a nice walk. Pepe and Elisa’s Casa is on 24th and the entrance to Parque Jasone is around 58 so it’s not a terrible walk but long enough that we wanted the coffee when we got there. It was only about 20 C so not real hot either. It was a 40 temperature change from home and did it ever feel nice.

Pepe was working so we had to find supper elsewhere. We had a month of Cuban food ahead so we went to Lai Lai’s a chinese restaurant. We had really good food there on the last trip so we were looking forward to it. The Calamari was good but the Chinese dish wasn’t as good as I remembered. The cost was $20 including the tip, the service was very good.

We were happy to still have our long pants and jackets for the walk to the casa. A strong cold front was dumping a lot of rain and the surf was up. It was really nice to be back at Elisa and Pepe’s again. Familiar felt good.

Here is a photo album thatAll of the photos from our 2014 trip to cuba

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