April 20, 2016 The Peppercorn Ceremony

Up early for Peppercorn Ceremony. The members of the St George’s lodges were gracious enough to allow the members of the visiting brethren first chance at the seats. So we were packed in the State House pretty tight. It was amazing to see that many people in a lodge building. It was small but there were over a hundred people there. The Post Gazette had a number of nice articles on the Peppercorn.

A photo Gallery from the Royal Gazette of the Peppercorn Ceremony
Royal Gazette article – Peppercorn Ceremony Draws Hundreds
Royal Gazette article – Peppercorn celebrates 200 years
Royal Gazette article – Hundreds enjoy annual Peppercorn Ceremony
Royal Gazette article – The state of the state house

After peppercorn we went to mayor’s garden party We had a couple of snacks as they walked them around but if I were going again I would have had more. We were having the peppercorn lunch after the mayor’s garden party. It was sold out at 100 people we had almost 3 hours to eat a reasonable three course meal. The food was good but bonnie said it was the slowest she can remember.
Bonnie and the girls were in the post gazette. If you go to the gallery listed above you can see a bunch of pics including one with me and one with Bonnie.

We went from there to Churchills the local provider of spirits and cigars. We bought a bottle of rum to contribute to Fred’s after party. The after party went on for a long night. We had one fellow from scotland that didn’t know where he was going for the night but Ian gradually figured out that he was staying in Larry’s apartment and we managed to get him a ride to the airport where he could get a ride home.

We cleared out all of the booze except for a part bottle of Kentucky Bourbon whiskey and the two bottles of rum and a bottle of Japanese whiskey didn’t survive at all. Japanese whiskey is good stuff

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