• November 30 Home again!

    We were looking at a very long day. The Taxi would pick us up at 1pm Costa Rica time and we wouldn't get home until 1am December 1st New Brunswick time. We had coffee and our patisseries a repacked our luggage for the trip home. With our long pants and sweatshirts and rain coats out […more]

  • November 29 Back to San Jose

    We slept good and were pretty well all packed the night before. So that in the morning we didn't have a lot to do besides make breakfast and go. The car took a couple trys to get moving. It barely had enough energy to get moving on the level let along moving on the vertical […more]

  • November 28 Monteverde day tour and Maggie and Jamal’s again

    We had to have breakfast at 7am to make our 0720 tour. It was a good breakfast of a fruit plate, eggs, bacon, a small pancake, and piece of toast. The drive up to Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve was good for the first part and then turned to hell again. It was a very rough, […more]

  • November 27 Monteverde, a Day of insects!

    Bonnie started our day off right when she found a stick insect by the door of the Maggie and Jamal's in the morning. It would end up being a day of bugs! Maggie and Jamal were ready to go by early afternoon. So rather than have lunch here we left and got as far as […more]

  • November 26 Tire repairs

    We wanted to go to Monteverde and that requires driving on some rough roads again so we were off to Santiago de Puriscal to see if we could get the tire fixed. It was easy to see the source of the problem, a gyproc screw in the tread of the tire. The Firestone tire shop […more]

  • November 25 Tucans, Santiago de Puriscal, a walk to Cortezal, and a sunset

    Bonnie and I slept in late for us. Maggie and Jamal were up and going by the time we were going. That was unusual. We had a late breakfast and then Maggie noticed tucans in the tree by her bedroom. Bonnie saw them before but I hadn't. So I had to take lots of pictures […more]

  • November 24 Turu Ba Ri Park and a Zip Line

    We decided to try for the Turu Ba Ri Park that Maggie suggested. It had a nature walk and a zip line. We were a little late leaving so we didn't get there until about 11. The zip line takes an hour and the Nature walk takes 3 hours. We figured the zipline, then lunch […more]

  • November 23 A walk to Barbacoas

    Bonnie and I needed a laundry and a bit of exercise. So after the laundry got hung on the line we were off for a walk up the hill to Barbacoas. On the way we saw a number of coffee farms that are Maggie and Jamal's neighbors. We also saw a number of parades of […more]

  • November 22 Back to Maggie and Jamal’s

    We awoke early to the sound of the squirrel monkeys arriving. They came as a large troop it was impossible to count them all at the same time as they were constantly moving and appearing from different places and then hiding in the large tree. There was over a dozen. We watched them for a […more]

  • November 21 Manuel Antonio National Park

    Manuel Antonio park has a limit of 800 visitors at a time. So when the first 800 go in the next person has to wait until one of the people in the park leaves. Our guided tour lasted over an hour and after the guide left we did a couple of more hours at least. […more]

  • November 20 Off to Casa Buena Vista

    The day started out well with Maggie's and Jamal's emailbox being very light. All of their work comes in via email so they were able to leave early (10ish). So we started up the GPS and it had two routes one was via the dirt road and one was via the paved road. So I […more]

  • November 19 2015 Off to Maggie’s

    We were supposed to be picked up at the AirBnB place at 1pm so we had all morning to kill. We walked over to the Amon District looking for a Gallery and didn't find it. But we did find a lot of neat buildings, street art and nice places. From there we went to China […more]

  • November 18th Exploring San Jose

    Once you get a lay of the land San Jose's downtown is fairly easy. When we started looking at the trip we didn't bother looking too much into the Barrio Amon it was too far away. We were at Calle(street) 25, Ave 2, a long away from Central, and Amon was something like almost as […more]