November 19 2015 Off to Maggie’s

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We were supposed to be picked up at the AirBnB place at 1pm so we had all morning to kill. We walked over to the Amon District looking for a Gallery and didn’t find it. But we did find a lot of neat buildings, street art and nice places. From there we went to China town and through the gate and into the square in front of the Nuestra Senora de la Soledad, another beautiful church. We went to La Cafeteria, a place listed in Trip Advisor as being a very good authentic Costa Rican place to eat. Since we had to be back at the apartment at noon to pack up and get ready for the car, we were eating early so breakfast was still on the menu. We had Gallo Pinto and the fruit plate. The fruit plate ended up being watermellon and cantalope. The Gallo Pinto was the win by far.

We went from there to our apartment and waited for the car. He was early arriving about 12:30. So we were all ready to go and on the road by 1. We were pleased.

Traffic was about 10 km per hour for the first 30 minutes or so but once we cleared the construction we made very good time. The nav app got us to Maggie’s driveway without a hitch so that was great. The driveway is a tad steep so I sent Bonnie down to check to make sure that it was the right place. It is an EXTREMELY steep driveway that I had no desire to have to back up out of. Bonnie reappeared a little while later and confirmed we were in the right place!!

We had to drive out to get groceries and with the four of us the car couldn’t make it up the hill. Before we stalled out I’d push in the clutch, hold it in position with the emergency brake, floor it and pop the clutch. We laid significant rubber in a couple of places to get up the hill.

Maggie didn’t know about the washout that the we had driven through on the way in. It had been a few days since she had been out last.

They are surrounded by coffee farms and on our way back we had to ease our way past the farmers loading sacks of coffee beans into the back of a truck. Really good coffee in the local store and pretty cheap too.

My typical sense of days did it again, in my head we would be at Maggies for a few days and then go to Manuel Antonio for the weekend and then back to Maggie’s. We arrived on Thursday and our first job was to figure out where we were going to go the next day! Opps brain fart. We got on AirBnB and tried to find a place that had a couple of rooms available. Casa Buena Vista was available and for a pretty good price, less than $100cdn for two rooms for a night. We booked two rooms for two nights and Maggie talked to a friend about doing a guided tour for the four of us. Manuel Antonio National Park only allows something like 800 people a day into the park and once those 800 are in the park closes. At peak times the park can close at 7am as it is at capacity.

We did a little bit of route planning to get from Maggies to the Casa Buena Vista and there were a couple routes one was showing on the maps as a dirt road so we said we would pass on that one and do the paved road the same as we came in to Maggies on.

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