• April 18, 2016 Touring Masonic Lodges around Bermuda

    We good night's sleep and were up early. We got another book of bus tickets and headed to the state house to join the guided tour of the lodge buildings. We were there before the bus and got an interesting history from Martin Weeks. He showed us the bible with the signatures of almost every […more]

  • April 17, 2016 The opening reception of the Peppercorn.

    Got up late and went to the grocery store for supplies. By the time we got back it was time for lunch and we made lunch here (Grilled Cheese from a lovely old English cheddar) and then went on the walk around the tip of St George's island and back to St Georges from the […more]

  • April 16, 2016 Bermuda end to end St. Georges to the Dockyard

    Up at a better time and got organized a little better. Breakfast, then off to Hamilton and almost had a problem with the bus route 7 and 8 are alternate barnes corner and dockyard our time was almost out on our transfer before the Route 7 to the dockyard got underway. Arrived at dockyard and […more]

  • April 15, 2016 Getting Oriented in Bermuda

    We were late rising. We went to visitor center. I told them we were here for the peppercorn and one of the men working in the place “You came all this way to watch them pampas asses” (He was one of the pampas asses in the receiving line at the mayor's tea party, as it […more]

  • April 14, 2016 Arrival in Bermuda for the Peppercorn Ceremony

    We booked our tickets to fly in and out of Halifax. Flying out of Fredericton meant another overnight in and out of Toronto. We didn't want to do that again but after the tickets were booked Westjet started an early flight out of Fredericton. Such is life We drove down to Halifax to visit with […more]

  • February 29, 2016 a day to relax and get ready to go home.

    We were up slowly, watching the world from our balcony for a while. Today was a walking around Varadero day. A walk down the beach, a nice walk along the beach. find a restaurant that we wanted to try and just absorb the sunshine with a nice warm day before we headed back to our […more]

  • Feb 28, Varadero for a few days

    Varadero yet again. We like Elisa and Pepe both the casa and the hosts as well as his Joan(their son) and his wife Aylin and their daughter Julien. Varadero is sprucing itself up. There didn't seem to be as many tourists around Varadero this year but Pepe was saying it was a very busy year. […more]

  • Feb 27, Across the country to Varadero

    I dread long trips on the Viazul buses. They are an excellent way of traveling. No rental car worries, they're cheap, you can look around while someone else is doing the work of driving, and you are up high enough to see things. Viazul bus stations are God awful, the washrooms are gross beyond belief. […more]

  • Feb 26 Our last day in Trinidad

    Today was our last day in Trinidad and we were not really anxious to see anything in particular, so it was more along the lines of strolling around and doing a bit of people watching. We walked around a lot and sat in the various parks. One thing that we appreciate when we are in […more]

  • Feb 25, A walk up to the radio tower

    Something that we didn't do last time was the trip up to the radio tower. It says it is a spectacular view and to do it early before it got too hot and to take water with you. Both good bits of advise. We found the church that they talked about as the starting point […more]

  • Feb 24, Trinidad is a pottery place so we went searching

    Trinidad is known for it's pottery. We toured the tourist pottery shop before and we were going to go find it again. It's a good walk and a nice shop to visit. We bought a nice piece of pottery when we were here the last time. There is the tourist shop and the factories for […more]