• July 29

    Today we were going to try for a dolmosh(small bus service) into the real port of Cesme as opposed to the resort side where we are. This side is very much the resort side for the wealthy Turkish people. We walked up to the dolmosh stand and got a ride just as we got to […more]

  • July 28

    We are relaxing after the long journey. We walked around a bit today and didn't do much else besides people watch, play games, and walk. Rick and Tsipy went with a local guy that is home for vacation from Florida. He works as a painter in Florida doing commercial painting in Tampa. He took them […more]

  • July 27 Cesme

    It was a quiet day for us, it was warm at 86 and there were lots of people swimming in the little swim area just across the breakwater from our stern. The people at the bar just lay out until they get hot, go for a dip and then back to the bar. At night […more]

  • July 26, Turkey at last!

    With no internet, we have no weather forecast so we decided that we would go based on yesterday's weather forecast and if was windy we would go around to the east end of Lesvos check out there and get ready for the next good weather day to jump to Turkey. It was another nice day […more]

  • July 25

    Our last long day's travel in Greece, 65 miles if we go to the south end, 83 if we go to the east end. We have to leave at 3am to get into a safe harbour by 3pm when the wind is supposed to kick up a bit. Sitting here writing this at 4, I'm […more]

  • July 24

    With the dinghy bolts in place and bedded with 4200 we were ready to lift the dinghy first thing in the morning. So up she came, we tossed the lines off of the dock and we were gone. It was good to be underway again. It was our longest stop for the trip and we […more]

  • July 23

    When Rick gets fuel for Odelia, it is not a jerry can operation like on Millennium Odyssey. Odelia comes to a dock and the truck comes to him. Even if it is a mini-tanker it's still a lot of fuel. When Tsipy saw that all the fisherman had left during the night she wanted to […more]

  • Just a quick post we are on the road again

    Looks like another early morning departure tomorrow morning We left this morning and are currently in Limnos here are a couple of picts to hold you over until I have more time. Beware this next video is 13 meg so it may take a while07 Movie of the Dolphin close in

  • July 22

    Another day of dinghy repair for the most part. Bonnie and I walked about 2km to the next town, Toronis. We didn't walk all the way to the main part of town but did walk the first part of the beach until we got to the cafe's. We were just going to go in to […more]

  • July 21

    Another day of boat projects, there are always boat things to do. When ever I hear that someone has retired and is bored, I tell them “Buy a boat and you'll never be bored.” Maintenance is a constant, when you aren't doing maintenance, you can cruise and enjoy the world. Learn to enjoy the challenge […more]

  • July 20

    Today was a maintenance day. The 24 volt system has been bugging Rick for a while, something wasn't right. And today it seemed to be worse than normal, (both the battery and the amount it bothered Rick). Bonnie and I were starting to work on the dinghy and Rick went to seriously investigate the problem. […more]

  • July 19

    A day to work on the dinghy. The first job of the day was to try to round up the parts for repairing the dinghy. We needed fiberglass and we needed new pad eyes, we had epoxy, epoxy fillers, plywood, sandpaper, paint brushes, and mixing paraphernalia that we would need. So Rick and I set […more]

  • July 18

    It started as a beautiful morning and when we checked the weather the wind was falling in the afternoon and we would be able to leave and get in just after dark. We looked again just before lunch and the winds were dying early. “Pick up the dinghy and let's go.” That's when the trouble […more]

  • July 17

    July 17 The first rain of the trip, thunderstorms too. We were pounded with rain for hours during the night. When we got up Odelia was squeaky clean, washing the boat just can't do what mother nature can do with a few hours of really hard rain. The winds were giving us a lay day […more]

  • July 16

    When we got up there was no wind. We pulled anchor and were seriously considering a run for the fingers. We got little to no wind until we passed our first bail out anchorage marked by a conspicuous marble quarry near the entrance. The quarry was fascinating, the cuttings and waste from the stone had […more]

  • July 15

    We were up for another "Crack of dark" trip. We like to be up early and underway before the wind kicks up so just before dawn is not unusual. If we leave early we get in early. Another reason to do was that we were looking for a day off, we could get there early, […more]

  • July 14 under way again

    We were all tired and a short day was called for. We did about 25-30 miles up to Atalantis on the east side of mainland Greece. As we were up and underway by 6 am the anchor was down before noon. We all had a nap at one time or another during the hot part […more]

  • July 13, toddling around Khalkas

    The weather has given us another lay day so I'm taking the chance to look at updating the blog a little, I'm quite far behind. We took the day and Bonnie and I went ashore and spent several hours walking around Khalkas. We wanted the first part of the day to be the walk up […more]

  • through the bridge

    Just a very short note to say things are going well. We have been in a few anchorages where the internet service has not been good so I haven't been able to do much on the web site. We got through the bridge at midnight and anchored just beyond Khalkas for the night. The next […more]

  • The last bridge to Turkey! Khalkis

    We were up at 3 am and around the point early. On our way the Temple of Poseidon was lit up very prominently high on the top of a hill. I tried to take a few pictures but the exposure was too long on a moving boat. The weather was spot on with very light […more]