through the bridge

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Just a very short note to say things are going well. We have been in a few anchorages where the internet service has not been good so I haven’t been able to do much on the web site.

We got through the bridge at midnight and anchored just beyond Khalkas for the night. The next day we went to a small village about 25 miles away a short day with naps and a walk into town for groceries and drink.

From there we went up to the bay just above Evia, according to the guide, there is fuel available by mini-tanker, there are several tavernas and the sunsail base is there, and there are lots of well protected anchorages. Sunsail base was closed the day after the turnover weekend, there was one taverna, closed for siesta, the anchorages were well protected except for the winds we were in. Sigh

Up early this morning, we are watching three weather sites,, and poseidon conflicting results is not good news in the weather forecast. Meteo seems to do a better job for land effects within greece, passageweather and poseidon were better forecasts. When we got up the weather was closer to the passageweather forecast so we started to move, when we got a couple of miles from the cut between the mainland and the island where we are the Meteo forecast took hold in a BIG way. So we did the three miles to the island and cut our losses.

According to Bonnie’s guide book the beach where we are anchored is the third best beach in the world and may have up to a third of the world’s population on it at peak times. Given that we have had at least 5 passenger ferries land at the dock beside us, may not be the best time to go and ask for a drink.

Things are going well, if we can get north tonight we may be in turkey the beginning of next week. If we are stuck here tonight then we may not get to turkey until later next week.


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