This web site is intended to document the more interesting of our adventures. I say adventures not our travels, because some of our most interesting adventures don’t require a lot of travel. A few years ago we built a hard dodger for our sailboat, it was an adventure! It got documented here as a guide to the mistakes we made for those who might try such an adventure.

Bonnie and I retired in May of 1999 and started our travels and our web site then.That was  before Facebook and it was a way for our friends to keep track of our adventures. I was thinking about moving it to Facebook but decided against it for a bunch of reasons most important of which was privacy.

This site is not what you would call active. I only tend to update it when I actually have a new adventure underway or after we get back from an adventure if internet service is difficult. I have an email list for people that may be interested. I usually update the site and then send a note to say that a new adventure is underway, so I’m not flooding your email with crap.

The Adventures are categorized mainly as: RV Travel, Boat Travel, Boat Building, and Other Adventures.  Within Boat Travel is our Bahama’s by Boat section. it includes information that we learned by doing the trip and the information we pass on to people considering doing the trip. Some of it is dated, but some of it is timeless.

Other odds and sods include pages on: Masonary

mike at MillenniumOdyssey dot ca

Our Phone at home is 506 474 2484, our cell is 506 442 1162, both have voicemail. I carry the cell when I am out driving around, but in the house and on the boat it is stowed so I don’t loose it. If the engine is running or we are not in the kitchen, we don’t always hear the cell, so leave a message.

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Here is a link to some of our other friends that have web sites

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