• February 23, Trinidad and an AWESOME Masonic lodge

    We were out walking around and it was easy to tell that one of the wifi spots for Trinidad was in the square in front of the Grand Hotel. People were packed around the square with their smartphones out checking email and surfing the web. The church on the square was open so we went […more]

  • Feb 22 A travel day Playa Giron to Trinidad

    After a our little time in Playa Giron it was off to Trinidad. One of the many things I do that is a little weird to some people is take pictures out the window of the bus. I'll take a bunch and then see what I get. Sometimes I get good pictures but most of […more]

  • Feb 21 A beach day, in Cuba, imagine that!

    (First of all my apologies for not continuing the updating of the log, I've been busy and did another trip to Bermuda. We just got back and I figured I should get the Cuba trip done before I added the Bermuda trip so here goes.) Playa Giron is mainly a divers paradise. There isn't a […more]