Feb 22 A travel day Playa Giron to Trinidad

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After a our little time in Playa Giron it was off to Trinidad. One of the many things I do that is a little weird to some people is take pictures out the window of the bus. I’ll take a bunch and then see what I get. Sometimes I get good pictures but most of them are just trash. On occasion I get a few out of the hundred or so that actually turn out well. There was a lot of the country that was new for us this trip but some we had seen before.

One thing people don’t realize is how diverse Cuba is. Everything from desert like conditions to lush farmland to mountainous terrain, rain forests with rivers. It’s all here.

Our casa in Trinidad is not far from our first casa in Trinidad. We tried to get back into Casa Lily’s but she was booked up. We booked into Hostal Lozano’s. It is a nice spot but more hotel-ish than Lilly’s. We were on the second floor up a SMALL spiral staircase to the second floor with a nice balcony and a place to sit out, get fresh air and people watch! Always a good past time in Cuba

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