• A visit from Gordon and his girls.

    We had a lovely day on the boat with Gordon Fowler and his girls Stephanie and Allison. Stephanie brought her friend Chris along as well. Stephanie and Chris were down visiting from Ontario.

  • Nicolette and Chris’ wedding

    I've lost this post three times now so here goes We left the Ship modeler's guild regatta and headed back home in time to change, go over to pick up my mother and step father take them to the wedding. We were back to Norman's in time to change and head back to Dartmouth for […more]

  • Halifax, Family and friends, and the Ship Modeler’s guild

    We were in Halifax for two good reasons, a family wedding and a visit with long term boating friends, Norman and Sarah-Jane. We normally visit with Norman and Sarah-Jane at least a couple times a year but it had been at least a year and a half since we had been down. Our first event […more]

  • July 31 The Long day home

    We were up early to catch the bus to Ismir Airport and to allow Rick and Tsipy to get underway. It was supposed to be a good day so miles were to be had. We were sad to be leaving them. We had an incredible adventure with them but we were leaving with a bit […more]

  • July 30 Our last real day in Turkey

    [Sorry for the long hiatus waiting for the last of the logs for the trip, things have been hectic here with boat stuff, house stuff, and a family wedding. I've been working on the log of the trip and it should be available in PDF form shortly. I want to do a first pass at […more]

  • We’re home!

    May not be entirely awake, but we're home. We left Rick and Tsipy about 6:30 am and got home about 2:30 am. Both local times and we added 6 or 7 hours to that with the timezone changes. So our day was about 27 hours between sleeps. more later when I'm awake