July 30 Our last real day in Turkey

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[Sorry for the long hiatus waiting for the last of the logs for the trip, things have been hectic here with boat stuff, house stuff, and a family wedding. I’ve been working on the log of the trip and it should be available in PDF form shortly. I want to do a first pass at proof reading it before I put it up, it is 65 pages and a 13 megabyte file.]

I was going to try to organize a run to Ephesus, the resting place of the Virgin Mary as the last day in Turkey it is about 200 km from Cesme and it would have been a long day but I think worth it, but Bonnie was not keen. She was looking at the next day being a LONG trip home and wanted a quiet day. So we walked along the beach as far as the water sports park and then up into the streets of Cesme and around just walking around town. Bonnie and I are less interested in the sports and the “stuff to do” than just walking and watching the people live in their native land. You see rich people, you see poor people, you see the average person. We walk and we see the “odd” thing, something that is normal here and “odd” at home.

Pomegranates, figs, lime, oranges, lemons, flowers that are unknown to us and we find beautiful that the locals find common.

A van of eggsA van load of eggs arriving to market with no refrigeration. At home the eggs arrive in a refrigerated truck stay in a refrigerated cooler and go home to stay in the refrigerator until you eat them up. Once they are refrigerated you have to keep them cool or they spoil. We had eggs in the Bahamas that we bought practically fresh from the chicken that we never refrigerated, kept them on the counter by the sink so Bonnie would remember to flip over the carton every day and they would last longer and still be fresher than our refrigerated eggs weeks later when we would eat the last egg.

I want one!

I want one!

They have all electric scooters which I thought were just the coolest thing. We could use the scooter around home and for most of our shopping we would never need to use gasoline at all. I’m going to look into getting one of them at home.

We watched the people at the bar and the swimmers and it is always interesting. Lots of people wear bikinis or speedos that really shouldn’t but on the other hand they are more comfortable in them than the people at home would be in them and quite frankly the people here probably have a much better, or are less concerned about their self image than those at home so I guess they are the ones that are better off than we are.

tn_Setur Marina Cesme

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