Our boatbuilding adventures

I’ve been dabbling in boat building for a long time. Some of the boats were much better than others.

The Dinghies Ive built included

  1. The Barge(sometimes called the Whale) the sunken barge the Irving whale was raised the weekend we built “the barge” quick dirty and leaked like a sieve
  2. “THAT” dinghy, sometimes called “santa’s sleigh” custom fit dinghy to the foredeck of Millennium Odyssey complete with HOLD, and glass bottom worked very well for several years in the bahamas
  3. “UP” the first corecell dinghy, designed to fit “the next boat”
  4. unnamed as yet and never touched water yet either, the second corecell dinghy

Other Boatbuilding projects included

  1. Installing the new engine in Millennium Odyssey
  2. Making the corecell bimini
  3. Making a new corecell hard dodger
  4. renovating the fridge on Millennium Odyssey

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