Feb 21 A beach day, in Cuba, imagine that!

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(First of all my apologies for not continuing the updating of the log, I’ve been busy and did another trip to Bermuda. We just got back and I figured I should get the Cuba trip done before I added the Bermuda trip so here goes.)

Playa Giron is mainly a divers paradise. There isn’t a lot to do. Most of the coast is the sharp black tinged limestone found all around the Bahamas and many other Caribbean islands, the Cubans call it ‘dogs teeth’. There is a small beautiful white sand beach but the beach is small and today was a Sunday and by the look of it the tourists were mostly gone and the locals were visiting. We guessed it was a turnover day at the resort.

The resort has a huge breakwater that runs in front of the beach, it destroys the view from the beach but protects the beach from being washed away.

We walked around and talked to a number of the locals. The locals appreciate you staying in a casa rather than a resort. We rarely if ever just spend the day on a beach but today was one of our beach days.

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