February 23, Trinidad and an AWESOME Masonic lodge

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We were out walking around and it was easy to tell that one of the wifi spots for Trinidad was in the square in front of the Grand Hotel.

People were packed around the square with their smartphones out checking email and surfing the web. The church on the square was open so we went in to take a look. The church was a nice simple church with nice curved arches in the ceiling and a nice alter.

From there we headed up to the historical center of Trinidad and on our way stopped at a few art galleries, art shops, and as always had a great chance to see some beautiful architecture and interesting people watching. There were a lot of Europeans around this year.

One of the things Bonnie and I enjoy when we travel is sitting down and watching the citizens of the places we visit. It is really neat to see things we do at home done in a completely different way or just how things are done differently in a different place.

We went to what would turn out to be our favorite lunch spot: Los Conspiradores.

It was a meeting place for a notorious conspiracy in against the Spanish government of the 1848. It is now a restaurant art gallery. They have quirky expresso coffee maker like statues that are painted like women’s dresses or flags or other things.

We walked back toward the casa and when we passed the Masonic lodge near the square I saw the door open so I called out and there was a guy there getting ready for the next lodge meeting.

We had a list of good restaurants from Tripadvisor before we left so we went to the top one on the list. It was Restaurante San Jose when we went in we remembered it from before. It wasn’t great the last time we went there but they had definitely improved and the food was very good.

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