July 28

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We are relaxing after the long journey. We walked around a bit today and didn’t do much else besides people watch, play games, and walk. Rick and Tsipy went with a local guy that is home for vacation from Florida. He works as a painter in Florida doing commercial painting in Tampa. He took them shopping for groceries while we looked around a bit.

1/3 circle table

1/3 circle table

We walked the docks and got a few ideas for the next boat, one was an interesting table design 1/3 of a circle that you could fold out to become the full circle.

There are lots of boats for sale, there was only one that was interesting, but it would be a project for life. Pretty boat though, REALLY NICE row away factor.

Pretty little boat for sale

Pretty little boat or sale

tn_03 Nice FlowersAfter lunch Bonnie and I went for a walk along the beach over to the water park and then up along the streets to the market (to buy gin) and then back to the marina. Along the way Bonnie slipped on the sidewalk and thought “Doggy do” but when she looked it was figs that had fallen from the fig tree. There were lots of overripe figs fallen off the tree in the sidewalk median. There were a couple of really nice flowers along the way.tn_05 Wierd Flower

A 750 ML of Gordon’s Gin is 70 Turkish Lira about $38 Canadian, that’s worse than Canada, I thought we had the worst prices for booze anywhere!

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