February 29, 2016 a day to relax and get ready to go home.

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We were up slowly, watching the world from our balcony for a while. Today was a walking around Varadero day. A walk down the beach, a nice walk along the beach. find a restaurant that we wanted to try and just absorb the sunshine with a nice warm day before we headed back to our home and the last few months of winter.

This trip was a little quieter than some of our others. The other trips we were happy to go home but this year we could have stayed a little longer. But we’re good as we are, time to go home and do our stuff.

We found an amazing restaurant and when we go to Varadero it will be a first stop Salsa Suarez. The presentation, taste, and service was excellent. It is probably even better than the 1910 in Holguin and that is saying something. One of the best places we have been to ever!

Tomorrow is our day to travel to toronto.

March 01 We waited around airports a lot

I got a few good photos out the airplane window of the Florida Keys other than that lots of time spent in airports so not a lot to say.

There was a bad snow storm in Toronto so we had to trudge though a bunch of snow in Toronto. We ate in the fancy deli of the superstore and it was very good. Not quite a real restaurant but good enough on a long day.

March 02 Toronto the snowy

We got a bunch of really good pics out the window as we flew away from Toronto but they wouldn’t stitch.

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