Feb 25, A walk up to the radio tower

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Something that we didn’t do last time was the trip up to the radio tower.

It says it is a spectacular view and to do it early before it got too hot and to take water with you. Both good bits of advise. We found the church that they talked about as the starting point for the hike but it was being renovated. It gave us a great view over Trinidad. We had to zig and zag to get to the road up to the radio/TV tower. One of the ziggs took us through the dump. It was a great view (looking the other way).

There had been a fire that had ripped through the valley.

The palmettos were still black but the green was just starting to come out again.

We walked all the way up to the tower and there was a couple of people working there. One came out and invited us up to the roof of the building. From there we could see from the tower at Valle de los Ingenios all the way around to the ocean. It was well worth the walk up the hill.

There was a whole bunch of different flowers and even a few land snails around

From there we walked back to the Plaza Major and around town a bit more.

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