November 26 Tire repairs

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We wanted to go to Monteverde and that requires driving on some rough roads again so we were off to Santiago de Puriscal to see if we could get the tire fixed. It was easy to see the source of the problem, a gyproc screw in the tread of the tire. The Firestone tire shop wouldn’t fix it so he pointed us at the gas station. The gas station didn’t really have a garage. We used google translate to try to help with my limited Spanish and we finally got them to understand what we wanted. The guy from the convenience store connected to the gas station grabbed the tire and rolled it over to the tire change place. No power until 2pm so I just asked if we could put a plug in it. They weren’t real keen on that but when I told them it was a rental car they just shrugged and put a plug in it. 1500 colons ($3 USD) later we were off to the gas station where they had an air hose to blow up the tire. We filled up the car and were off.

We took the car back to Maggie and Jamal’s and changed the tire back onto the car so we knew we had a good tire in the trunk. We changed into our swimsuits and headed to the pool. There are two streams that run on either side of the property. The pool is filled by running a hose from above the level of the pool, water runs down the hose and fills the pool, it drains out of the pool and down another hose back to the stream. Nice simple system for keeping the water flowing and not getting a problem with stagnant water. On the down side, COLD! Definitely not up to the temperature at Manuel Antonio’s Pacific Ocean.

We changed back into good clothes and walked up to Mario Lopez’s to get a couple loaves of bread for lunch. Bonnie and I had a hankering for bread, Olive Oil and Balsamic vinegar as a lunch. Not the best bread but pretty good. I don’t think he ever expected to ever see us again.

We booked ourselves into a Monteverde Hostal and Maggie is going to book us into a night walk at the park. We are quickly running out of time in Costa Rica We have Friday night in Monteverde, Saturday here at Maggie’s and then Sunday in San Jose and we leave Monday.

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