November 20 Off to Casa Buena Vista

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The day started out well with Maggie’s and Jamal’s emailbox being very light. All of their work comes in via email so they were able to leave early (10ish). So we started up the GPS and it had two routes one was via the dirt road and one was via the paved road. So I selected the paved road and we were off. The car puffed and sputtered a couple of times but knowing the driveway a little better I was able to maintain speed up the hill and got to the top without a black mark anywhere. We crossed the washout no problem and then followed our GPS route and had good roads for a long way. We crossed a little construction zone and then onto a dirt road. We drove a way on the dirt road but it started getting better again so we thought it was just the construction zone, 20 km on the dirt road, it got a lot worse. 60 kms of very rough dirt road later (I got into third gear once!) we made it to the main highway and on to Casa Buena Vista. Maggie was able to contact the tour guide and the park closed up at 8am this morning, would we be willing to go at 7:20.

NO Problem! He’s going to meet us there at 720. We didn’t stop for lunch so we were very hungry getting here at 3pm so we walked up to La Mariposa. La Mariposa is listed in “The 1000 places you have to see before you die” Check off another one. The view is spectacular.

One of our all time favorite seafood dishes is Mahi-Mahi. And they had a Mahi-Mahi burger! Bonnie ordered it so I had to order something else. I had the tuna steak burger, medium rare. Since the rest of the meal was the same I took a slice off my tuna steak and Bonnie gave me one of her slabs of Mahi-Mahi. The tuna steak was better than the Mahi-Mahi and it was awesome!

On our way back we saw a monkey walking along a roof and then it jumped onto the cable wires and walked along with us as we walked down the street. Only he was 20 feet up and on the other side of the street.

We came back and sat in the common room and visited. At one point the were bangs and tapping on the metal roof over our heads. We weren’t sure what it was but the owner came in at this point and asked if we had seen the troup of monkeys go over. No, but we heard them. She is from Hamilton and has been here for 41 years. She was interesting to talk to she is trying to sell the business and now owns a place in St Augustine Florida. We talked with her for quite a while and then Bonnie was crashing.

Bonnie and I are still suffering from our body clocks being caca. We were crashing at dark and by 6:30 we were on our way to the room to wind down. Maggie and Jamal went for supper but we were still full from our late lunch.

Bonnie is down for the count. It is raining hard, so it’s time for me to die too.

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