November 29 Back to San Jose

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We slept good and were pretty well all packed the night before. So that in the morning we didn’t have a lot to do besides make breakfast and go. The car took a couple trys to get moving. It barely had enough energy to get moving on the level let along moving on the vertical out of the driveway. We got out and we stopped to get gas in Santiago de Puriscal. We were down to 3/8s of a tank and didn’t want to chance having a problem and the gas station guy was very good to us getting the tire fixed. The gas station was packed and we were fourth in line to get gas and their were at least 12 guys pumping gas. It was a mad house. But we got gas ok. We confused the nav software going in circles. (We missed the turn the first time and had to do another full loop to get to the gas station.) I knew the basic way to San Jose so after a moment’s recalculation the nav software was fine again.

We got to San Jose and the nav software was bringing us in onto the same route we came in from the airport. And that was on Ave 2. Problem was Ave 2 was having a parade something with a lot of oxen and carts was happening. The cars were blocked up everywhere. We tried to get out of it but in doing so ended up on the highway back to Puriscal. So rather than hit the toll booth we took the first exit and headed back in the general direction of the casa with the hope that the nav software would recalculate and take us on a good route back. It got us back to downtown and almost to Ave 2 before we realized it. We were able to loop around and head back along the streets that we walked down two weeks ago. We finally found enough landmarks that we found our way without the aid of the GPS. We arrived about 11:00 and the lady that was supposed to meet us was late getting here. I can’t complain if she came the same way we did being late was understandable. We got into the place and rather than 1A we were in 1B. One B is a much nicer apartment. But one thing that we have noticed is that this is the first place we have been where ceiling fans are uncommon. Jamal’s place, 1A or 1B, not a fan. Zulma was able to arrange a taxi for us to the airport in the morning so that is done. The next thing that had to get done was the car drop off. They were supposed to pick up the car at 1pm so that is good. But they didn’t show up. At 1:30 we were hungry and wondering if they forgot us completely so we called using Skype on our phone. They were 300 meters away. Yeah right, but at least they hadn’t forgot us.

About 5 minutes later they drove up. They went over the car with a fine tooth come trying to find anything wrong. The tire he hit with his fist a few times and then he went down one side of the car that was covered with dirt, rubbing his fingers in the dirt to see if there were any scratches. And probably making a few as he went. He hit a few bug marks on the windshield with a pen to make sure they were bugs not dings. I’ve rented lots of cars in the past and IF they bother looking at the car they do a walk around and if there are no obvious fender benders, it passes, the minor scratches and door dings are considered normal wear. They went over everything!!! But they did rip up the credit card slip that I left with them. I hope this means the end of the car bill.

We were hungry and headed over to La Esquina de Buenos Aires and saw a dance troop practicing in the park we stopped and watched for a few minutes but were hungry so we continued on to the restaurant. We had the ½ grilled sampler, for two persons. We could hardly put a dent in it. We should have asked for a ¼ sampler. We walked over to Gallery Niru but the were closed. I think we actually drove by them earlier but we had a green light so I didn’t look and Bonnie was buried in a map.

We walked back to one of the supermarkets and got a few bags of coffee beans for home and then down to a street vendor for 4 large bananas and three patisseries. Bananas were about 10 cents each and the patisseries were about a dollar. We are probably going to have one of the patisseries tonight and maybe a banana but that sounds like too much food right now.

A coffee is about the only thing I want at the moment.

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