November 30 Home again!

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We were looking at a very long day. The Taxi would pick us up at 1pm Costa Rica time and we wouldn’t get home until 1am December 1st New Brunswick time. We had coffee and our patisseries a repacked our luggage for the trip home. With our long pants and sweatshirts and rain coats out of our luggage the two carry-on pieces were much smaller and easier to deal with.

The taxi picked us up and gave us an extra long run to the airport as a tour of the local street art. I have to admit there is a lot of beautiful street art here. I wish the street art at home was nearly as nice. He ran up the meter up to 22000 colon well over the 16000 colon it was supposed to cost. But such is life, don’t bother getting an airport taxi in the future just grab one of the ones going by, there are lots of them available.

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