Back from another adventure in Cuba!

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Hi All,

just a short note to say that we are back from our month long winter vacation in Cuba. We are both safe and sound barely a sunburn to be reported. Paul, our too good to be true neighbour picked us up last night at 1am and dropped us in our driveway.

I turned on the water and everything seems to be working great with no leaks or surprises.

We always leave our bags out in the cold when we return from ANY trip. A good chance at killing any critters that may have come home with us. That includes all of the cameras etc so no pictures until they warm back up to room temp and I can start downloading photographs. There are several thousand to attend to so be patient.

Bonnie just grabbed the first bag to be taken to the basement for laundry, everything gets washed even if it was “clean” coming out of the bag. She’s working so I have to go start at my jobs. The snow was coming down pretty heavy as we arrived last night so a little snowblowing before trying to start the car and go get groceries.


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