Definition: Cruising – Boat maintenance done in nice places.

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The definition of the cruising life is boat maintenance done in nice places. Another truism is that it takes about 1 hour per foot of length per week to keep a boat in good condition. So it takes over 60 hours a week to keep Odelia in good condition. We know how hard it is and how much work it takes so we are happy to pitch in and help with the maintenance. I spent the morning removing a few tire marks from the customs dock and removing the rust marks and shining the stainless rub rail. I got all of the rub rail done from the stern to the bow on the starboard side.

In the afternoon I helped Rick remove the old snaps for the sunscreens and replace them with a different kind of button tie down. Tsipy and Bonnie scrubbed the teak and oiled it.

Bonnie and I are both getting tired from the wind. It is nice in the morning but it is kicking up to 20-30 knots in the afternoon. The constant wind is annoying.

Rick and I are looking at different weather web sites trying to get a good picture of the forecast. So far we have looked at, and Israeli weather site, Passagemaker, wunderground, and windfinder. None of them seem to be giving us much hope for the next leg of our journey.

A number of boats have started filling up the marina. Mention a med mooring to most of the New Brunswick boaters and their brain freezes. It is interesting to watch people with experience do it and do it well. This marina is set up for it and it is set up well. Two lines off the bow without having to use your own anchor. When it is set up properly it is a very efficient way to moor boats.

We just watched a 70 foot ketch arrive. Driven by a single hander with absolutely no help on board land his boat between two boats without using the fender’s of either one to keep him from hitting. He rigged everything before arriving had everything set to work and the wind was blowing at 20 knots at the time. Rick and I felt like giving him a standing ovation. It was impressive.

The Marina we stayed at outside Corfu_thumb

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