Feb 15, 2016, a roach, a bus tour, and a grave yard.

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We got up in the morning and had another visitor in the last of his death throws outside the door of the bathroom at our casa in the morning. The cockroach was mostly dead. We ignored it and walked around him and when they came to deliver breakfast, they disposed of the body. Construction noises had started from in front of the building but in our room they weren’t bad at all.

Today was a day for us to do the bus tour. We always jump on the hop-on hop-off bus and do a full loop around before deciding what we wanted to see. The route is a little different than before with the construction in downtown Havana. We wanted to do the Cemetery de Colon, the huge cemetery in Havana that we have driven by many times but never visited.

We walked down the street and walked by the Bacardi building it is an amazing art deco building of the era. I took lots of pictures and ended up with over a 100 Megapixel image of the building it is an interesting building.

We spent a lot of time walking around the huge Colon Cemetery in Havana. It was a lot larger than other cemeteries we had been in but it wasn’t the prettiest by far. There was still a lot of very pretty statuary.

We returned to Havana and spent the day walking around the old part of Havana it is an interesting place. We made it to Havana 61 the number one rated place on Trip Advisor for a place to eat in Havana. It is a tiny little place and it has wonderful food and the first waiter we had was a little rough in the English department but when we started struggling with our Spanish he waved over another waiter and she was very happy to help.

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