Feb 18, 2016 The Cathedral, street art, street performances, and a visit to mecca.

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After reading the blog for Havana you will get the idea that all we did in Havana was walk the streets, visit churches, and eat. And that would sum it up rather well. Whenever we get a chance to get into a church we take it. We don’t really care what kinds of churches they are. Russian Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Baptist, were the ones I can remember. The synagogue was closed when we walked by. There were a couple of churches that we had been in before that have been converted to performance spaces. Just walking around Havana you can see lots of street art and performance spaces. We have always enjoyed the performance art that we see on the streets, stilt dancers, mimes, painters, even the ladies with their colorful costumes and huge cigars.

We were tickled to see that the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Cathedral Square was open. Most of the churches are open to having visitors than they have been in the past. We went in and took lots of picture and wandered around. From there we saw a couple having their wedding pictures taken and lots of tourists were taking pictures of them too. The cathedral is a well maintained and beautiful building that is full of works of art. The building itself is a work of art, the arched ceilings, and columns are beautiful.

From there we went up to the church across the square from the cathedral. It has been changed from an active church to a performance space and museum. There were lots of church items on display right up from the coins minted by the Vatican in commemoration of a Pope’s election. We were happy to walk around the museum and listen to the musical group starting their rehearsal. It had lots of interesting statues and an amazing collection of silver, gold, and jeweled pendants. There was furniture and bells and lots of space to explore. All the way up to the tower to a very stunning view of the harbor and the city.

One of the things we enjoy no matter where we go is the street art, and Havana has lots of wonderful street art.

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