Feb 8, 2016 Rain, cold, and the Botanical Gardens!

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Both of us are feeling the effects of a cold. We have been giving our long pants a stress test, laying low, and getting a lot of rest. Between the showers we walked around and slipped into the church. It was open in the morning and it was still in very good condition and being well cared for.
There is a lot of building going on. New buildings, additions for casa and private living space. Things seem to be booming. The Ox Carts are constantly busy delivering loads of sand for cement.

We walked around town and saw a lot of nice art galleries and then went to the Botanical Garden. The Botanical Garden has been in the same spot for around a hundred years so it’s has lots of mature trees in it. It also has lots of new stuff.

It has seen a lot of change and a lot of sprucing up over the three years since we had visited. The plants growing out of the dolls heads and the skulls of goats were gone and the building’s are finished and improved.

Walking around Vinales we have seen a lot of sprucing up. There is a whole new street behind Marlyns that wasn’t there on our first visit

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