February 21 Varadero again, Elisa and Pepe’s

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We heard that John is home and looking forward to going to Alma for his game of 45s. We should be home in time for that.

We have been to Elisa and Pepe’s enough that it almost feels like home. It is the beginning and end of every trip. It is a great way to start and end every trip. We’re never sure how the middle is going to be but we know the beginning and end is always good. Pepe was even available to cook.

We were exhausted from the trip but needed to move just to get the kinks out of our backs so we walked up the street looking for a piece of ceramic art we saw in one of the casas. No success but we were good for a walk. By the time we got home is was almost time for supper so we cleaned up a bit and then crossed over to Elisa and Pepe’s side of the casa. We had the fish and pork and we were ready for bed.

Elisa, and Pepe told us about the river valley between Varadero and the south coast had a very cold night 1 degree above Celcius. If it was one degree in Cuba Florida must have been frozen solid. That had to be a nasty cold front.

We slept solid for over 12 hours.

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