February 22 Cigars, and lunch at Al Capone’s

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We had breakfast at Elisa and Pepe’s barely making it awake for our 8 am breakfast. We were slow to get going after than but were out to get “our” cigars for the trip home. Bonnie has got a bad habit, she got her full quota of 50 cigars, I’m only bringing home 26. Mind you I think one of mine may have more tobacco than five or ten of hers.

We’ve got a invitation to go to lunch with Elisa and Pepe and family to Al Capone’s (Casa de Al). It is a house (as well as a warehouse for booze) that Al Capone visited during prohibition. Pepe worked out a deal with the restaurant and it brought out a large serving dish of peas and rice, malanga, and a full pork roast that fed 12-15 of us and he had a full serving dish of left overs to bring home.

We walked from Calle 24 at Elisa and Pepe’s to the Cigar shop at Calle 64 back to Al’s that is before the Calles start (more than 64 blocks) and then along the beach to Elisa and Pepe’s at Calle 24 that’s over 100 blocks so I think we got our walking in the hot sun quota for the day. We were back before Elisa and Pepe.

When we told them we walked from the Cigar shop on 64 Pepe asked if I was trying to kill Bonnie. Elisa wasn’t too keen on us walking home either but we did a slow walk along the beach, we were surprised to see a couple of bare-breasted women, that’s pretty rare on this part of the beach at least.

We were so full from the lunch at Al’s that we didn’t bother going out to dinner.

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