February 4 A bank, a bank, and finally a frigging bank!

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We walked up to the Revolution Square and took a few pictures. It is beside the Viazul bus station and the taxi drivers said it was about a 45 minute walk they were about right.

We took a bicycle taxi back to Parque Cespetes and we went looking for a bank Bonnie thought we were looking for the National Bank of Cuba on the square and I was looking for the Casaeca which didn’t help our confusion when we were pointing two different directions at the same time. We still had enough money to get back to Santigo de Cuba if we couldn’t get cash but it would severely curtail any tours in Baracoa if we couldn’t get cash. The first bank we did get to was the National Bank of Cuba after a 1 hour very confusing queuing system we got to the teller she had everything counted out and ready to go and the communications were down so no money. “Try the Casaeca” found it tried it, 25 minute wait, no communications. The guy in front of us suggested the commercial bank down the street. Two and a half hour wait in a queue that even the cubans were pissed about, WE GOT CASH! Walking around with the almost five years salary for a doctor in cuba in my pocket is not really what I like but we made it to the casa and got it into my money pouch. We will get rid of close to a year of that tonight at the casa when we settle our bill for 6 days. It ended up being a cheaper stay than we expected.

It’s bonnie’s birthday she got a trip to cuba for her birthday. We are eating dinner at the casa and then packing for an early departure to Baracoa

We asked that Beatrix book a driver to get us to the bus terminal. All I said was “No Wilberto” What does she do. She tells Wilberto that we didn’t want him and then asks why and then books him! I was livid. She got the hint that I was not happy but bonnie did her usual and sided with anyone I ruffle feathers with, and against me.

I’ve learned to bite my tongue.

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