January 29 2014, The Bird Sanctuary

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We got up and went to the lagoon and saw lots of birds and plants. The guide’s english was pretty good. She was saying that sometimes they see the national bird, the Tocororo, but it is pretty rare. We actually got a picture of one when we were at the Botanical garden and didn’t know what it was.

tn_187-lagoon-of-bird-sanctuary-jpgWe saw lots of birds, plants, big flocks of flamingos, and pelicans, etc. We spent a couple of hours and had a great row around the salena. The boat was a bit tippy and the oars were different, tied to the boat with a string that he kept wet to help friction. We went to lunch at the place behind the Hamburger joint and it was BAD. We went to the hamburger joint to get coffee. Americano for bonnie (0.25 Cuc) and Capelli for me (expresso with Coffee liquour) and it was really good, I had two. Bonnie and a sip and her eyes started to roll. Bought a large bottle of water 0.70 CUC and waled back to the casa, sat on the porch for the breeze and waited for the afternoon heat to pass.

Walked up to Trevijano Restaurante/Bar had the seafood special with Cuban rice. One of the best meals we have ever had in Cuba. We split one dish and with 2 mojitos it cost 18 CUC.

We had a great walk home, it was the temperature we get at home once or twice a year. The breese was beautifully warm, what a way to end the trip. Last few nights had not night club music so we slept well. We had to shower and pack as we were leaving the next day.

I would never stay at the same casa again on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night, on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, maybe, this casa was much more like a hotel than a casa. We definitely like a casa better.

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