July 2

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We were up relatively early but Rick wanted to head off to get the SIMM Card for his phone. He was happy when he got back, a SIMM card and Tsipy was able to get bread “and a”. Rick calls her the “and a” lady. She will go to the store “ONLY for bread” and come back with bread “and a” little of this “and a” little of that.

Once they were back we were ready to go, we pulled away from the marina and down the canal to the bay. We had a few anchorages picked out in case things piped up on us but the weather was very good. We had great weather the whole morning, by 1pm it was starting to pipe up a bit and we were just starting to settle into our anchorage.

Once we got our anchor set we worked on getting Rick’s phone to serve as a WiFi Hotspot. We got it working and I was able to get the weather on my computer. For some reason, Rick’s computer didn’t seem to be as happy as mine with the connection.

Tomorrow’s weather looks good so we should be able to make miles tomorrow.

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