July 3

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July 3We were up at 530 to start the engines and leave. The sun was not up but the light was enough to see clearly. We are up early to move so we are anchor down by the time the winds start to freshen around noon. This morning we were considering moving farther but there are no nice anchorages between our first spot and the second spot 40 miles away. So rather than take the chance we anchored early. Yesterday Tsipy noticed a bit of water under the starboard engine. So when I did my engine room check this morning I spent extra time to see if I could find the leak. I did, and it was nothing serious. One of the bolts on the raw water intake was missing we found a bolt to fit but rather than fight the hot engine we just let it drip until we got to port only another hour or so, not a bad drip and not long for it to drip.

When we got in we let the engine cool and then Rick and I took the hose off and cleaned the flange, checked the O-ring, cleaned the surfaces, put a little silicone on the O-Ring, and put it all back together. We started the engine and then ran it up to normal rpm for about 10 seconds and it was dry as a bone.

Time for lunch and then Tsipy went for a swim while Otz had a snooze. I worked on my journal a bit. I was not pleased with my old GPS it stopped working after a while and I didn’t get a good log of the trip so I had to create a “route” that was pretty close to the track, and put this in my blog. There is a 12 volt plug up on the bridge deck so I may take it up there so I can watch the old girl.

One of the islands had the classic shape of a volcano and as we worked our way around it, we saw what looked like an old volcanic plug (A very small Devil’s Tower) on a second point on the island. Very cool.
July 3 Sunlight on the mountain_thumb

July 3 sunrise_thumb

We are walking around town looking for an internet connection that works. Unfortunately the first two internet cafe’s didn’t work so I’m working on my third Mythos, Burp! Bonnie thought it was really cool when the foam overflowed and froze on the glass. COOL GLASS!

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