July 6

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Shabbot, a day of rest, well sort of. We didn’t go anywhere but Rick and I changed the sea water pump on the starboard engine with his spare pump. That was a 20 minute job at most. We needed to redo the seals in the pump that we removed and that took several hours. The instructions we had for doing the rebuild was not exactly clear as there were instructions for newer style pumps and older style pumps intermixed. We appeared to have a newer style pump in one part of the instructions and an older style pump in some of the other parts of the instructions. After several tries we finally got all of the bits removed that had to be removed and installed all the bits that needed to be installed.

With any luck we won’t find out if we did anything wrong.

After the pump and the mountain of tools we used to do the install were put away we relaxed around our computers and worked on the web, Rick was doing a few emails and playing crosswords and Sudoku, Uts was facebooking, and I was doing pictures and updating the web site.

The July 4 entry is updated and expanded, the July 5th trip to Delphi is on and I updated the gallery with LOTS of pictures from the trip to Delphi. So the next thing for me is either a nap or supper. Probably get supper before I get a nap. I’m off cooking while I’m here. Utz is much more of a chef than I am, and so is Tsipy. Tsipy is head chef and Bonnie is sous chef when Uts is not around. I’m helping Rick with boat stuff as best I can.

So take a look at the updated gallery

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