Odelia is in the water.

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Success. Odelia is in the water. Rick has an AIS Class b (Pleasure boat) transmitter. So if you want to see exactly where we are this link should give you the current position. Near the bottom of the link is Current Vessel Track If you click the current vessel track you will see where we are.

Today was very hot. Rick and I left the apartment very early and went to the customs dock. We actually saw the Spielgelraht arrive. After a while (an hour or so) we took the Pilot boat out to the ship and we were the first boat unloaded.

I tried to upload a couple of photos but it killed the internet connection in the marina.

It was over 90 degrees F INSIDE the boat. We spent a lot of time washing and cleaning. The jetlag is hitting bonnie a little harder than me but I slept better on the plane. I was SOUND asleep we had to go this morning.

We washed the boat in t-shirts and swim trunks and every once in a while we just soaked ourselves.

Tonight is a grocery run and then tomorrow we will probably do another and then go out to anchor to test the systems.

More when we have a better internet connection

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