Our anchorages in the ICW

We have made nine trips up and down the ICW. Bonnie and I both love the ICW. If you are not having fun and are getting stressed SLOW DOWN. Learn how to use the tides to help you and in southern North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Georgia has eight foot tides and that can be a help and a problem.

We have watched and listened to a number of people making the trip and a we have learned a few things.

Less than 6 hour days Capt and Crew Happy
6 to 8 hour days Capt and Crew starting to work
8 to 10 hour days Capt and Crew UNHAPPY
10 and up Capt and crew near divorce

We have seen a few couples not complete the trip due to long days. We both love the ICW, average 30 mile days, and have our anchor down by 3:30pm. If you stop before you get tired, you will make less mistakes. Mistakes are the things that cause the most stress. If you stop before everyone else, you have your choice of where to put your anchor.

Here are all of the anchorages and marinas that we have stopped at during our trips up and down the ICW. If you are doing the trip for the first time there are a couple books that are very useful Skipper Bobs Anchorages and Skipper Bobs Marinas. KEEP YOUR OLD COPY anchorages seem to come and go. Get the current update from the web. (There is a link off our links page)

Name of Anchorage Mile S0 N1 F2 S3 N4 S4 N5 S5 N6 Comments Codes are S0(South 2000) N1(North 01) F2(Fall 02) S3(South 03) N4(North 04) S4(south 04) N5(North 05) S5(South 05) Fuel means just a quick fuel stop
N6(North 06)
Norfolk VA 0 X X X X X End of trip
Deep Creek Basin 8.5 X Just after the Yacht Storage place, road noise
Deep Creek Lock 10.5 X Quieter than wall
Deep Creek Lock Wharf 10.6 X Quieter than wall but between lock and bridge so you’re there until one or the other open
Deep Creek Wall 11 X X X Groceries nearby. Often we stop but may not sped all night.
Dismal Swamp Visitor Center 28 X X X X X X X Worth a stop ask for boater’s package
Goat Island 43 X X pretty spot good for staging into Elizabeth city
Elisabeth City 51 X X X X X X X Rose Buddies
South Lake 82.1 X A long way off ICW but protected
Alligator River Marina 84 X X fuel and laundry
Alligator River Deep Pt. 102.2 X Bigger than Bear Pt
Alligator River Bear Pt. 103.2 X X Filled up early
Upper Dowery Creek Anchorage 132 X X X X Just beyond Dowery Creek Marina
Upper Dowery Creek Marina 132 X X X X X NICE Marina (we almost always stop)Cleanest on ICW
Broad Creek 173.5 X X like south river better
South River 178.3 X X Large area and good protection
Cedar Creek 187.5 X X Can be full with a lot of wakes.
Beaufort Docks 204 X Visit the Museum
Spooners Creek 210.5 X X X X Great spot
Mile Hammock Bay 244.5 X X X X X X Stay away from marine docks, they are active
Sloop Pt (Topsail Beach) 263.8 X X X Anchor between Island and marsh
Wrightsville Beach 283 X X X Much deeper than charted
Pipeline Canal 311 X X X X X X Aground going out but pushed through, wait for tide if you can see rocks in channel to port.
Calabash Creek 341 X NC SC border
Barefoot Landing 354.4 X X X X X X Rafting expected, not free anymore
Prince Creek 382.6 X X Beautiful
Throughfare Creek (Guendalose Cr) 388.9 X Tight and snagged a stump maybe better in Thoughfare cr
Throughfare Creek 388.9 X Is better in Thoughfare Cr
Georgetown Landing Marina 403 X up from coast guard base expect to be boarded
Minim Creek 415.4 X X X X Nice Spot
South Santee River 420.1 X Minim Creek has better protection
Price Creek 448 X You get to be the highest part of the world at high tide
Whiteside Creek 451.5 X Trees here
Big Hill Marsh 454.9 X ok but a ways off the track.
Ashley Marina Charleston 469.4 X X X X X X Taken over by Dockuminiums may not be available in future
Johns Island RR Bridge 480 X X Let anchor settle
Tom Point Creek 495.5 X X Not easy to spot
Rock Creek 516.1 X X X
Brickyard Creek 530.4 X X Loud airshow possible from marine base
Ladies Island Marina 535.9 X Walking distance to food stores, restaurants etc
Downtown Marina Beaufort 536.3 X
Thunderbolt Marine 583 X Savannah used to be called Palmer Johnson
Herb River (Thunderbolt) 584 X X Nice Spot
Redbird Creek 606.5 X X X Nice Spot might try Queen Bess cr next door
Cattle Pen Creek 625.5 X X
New Teakettle Creek 646.6 X better than Duplin if you don’t need protection
Duplin River 649.3 X X X Sheltered east and West (Bad in a front)
Frederica River @ fort 667.4 X X Pretty but useless dingy dock at low tide
Jekyll Harbour Marina 684.3 X We loved the tour of the houses.
Shellbine Creek 697.5 X
Brickhill river 703.8 X X X X Great spot, wild horse in morning stay center to starboard on way in
St. Mary’s River 712 X Very friendly place if a bit off the track
Fernadina Harbour Marina 716.5 X Boat run down in channel near anchorage, 1 killed
Ft George River 735 X X X good spot, East has more wind protection but current eddies
Jacksonville Beach Marina 747.4 X X X fuel fuel and Laundry we often stop for fuel but not to stay
Pine Island 765 X X Better but more popular than Tolomato river
Tolomato River 769.5 X X X Nice Spot
Comachee Cove 775.9 X Better than St Aug Municipal Docks. Easy Fuel stop
St Augustine 778 X Great City to explore
Cement Plant 809.1 X X X X X X Cement Plant gone SeaRay very active
Power Basin 841.7 X X Busy with barges may not be available
Mosquito Lagoon G19 861.3 X Very Calm weather anchorage
Haulover Canal 869 X X X VERY Tight with very little swing room. Tie to tree.
Kennedy Point Yacht Club 883 X X Space Shuttle Launch was worth it!
Indian Harbor Beach(Dragon Pt) 914 S0 X X Sometimes not friendly
Eau Gallie Yacht Basin 914 X Very Pretty, very little water
Melburne Bridge 918 X X X Rolly anchorage and mileage off
Vero Beach Municipal Marina 951.7 X X X X X X X X Shared Moorings nice place, fuel dirty
Manatee Pocket Stuart 987.9 X X Boats are crazy and rude
Peck Lake 992.2 X X X X X X Busy but lots of room.
Lake Worth Anchorage 1014.2 X X X X Very busy spot some stay for months
Lake Worth Entrance 1018.4 X X X X X X departure to abacos and arrival from bahamas here
Rybovich Spencer Marina 1019.8 X X Nice spot to to use to clear in
Lake Boca Raton 1047.8 X X great protection but bridges are a pain get first one south of lake before it goes on schedule
Hollywood Marina 1072 X Current can be hell and dockhands unrealistic in expectations of what a sailboat can do.
Bakers Haulover Inlet 1079.7 X Nice spot caught a snag on anchor
Crandon Park Marina 1092 X X CSI Miami is here on occasion
NoName Harbour 1096 X Left at midnight, a bit later ok.
Elliot Key 1112 X Avoid leaving at low tide
Angelfish Creek 1120 X Alternate departure point for Bahamas
Tarpon Basin 1140 X Near John Pennencamp State Park

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