Weather nets we use in the Bahamas

Weather nets and stuff we listen to on the radio in the Bahamas.

(Note the information in this file may be out of date.)

We only have a small Sony SSB receiver, it looks like a big transistor radio. It is this model and I remember paying just around a hundred and fifty bucks for it. Even with our NAVTEX receiver we spend a lot of time listening to the weather nets in the early morning hours. In the US we don’t bother with the nets but as soon as we are in the Bahamas we rarely miss them. Basra at 0700 is a must for us. We really feel we have missed something when we don’t get it.

The one we use the most is the BASRA weather net at 0700 on the Upper Side Band of SSB channel 4003. Nick and Carolyn Wardell have been doing this for years and do a wonderful job. One of the things they do is get a count of boats in the anchorages from the boats that check-in. It is really interesting to know how many boats are in the anchorages before you get there.

Time Frequency Comments
0630 SSB USB 4045 Chris Parker mostly Bahamas
0700 SSB USB 4003 BASRA Coral Harbour
0715 VHF calls on Ch16 switches to 72 BASRA Coral Harbour
0720 SSB LSB 7096 WxNet
0730 SSB USB 8104 Chris Parker
0730 VHF Calls on 16 switches to 06 Ian and Barbara from Highborne Cay
0745 SSB LSB 7268 Waterway net
0800 VHF Calls on 16 switches to 6 Judy at Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park HQ Warderick Wells
0810 VHF 68 Georgetown Cruiser’s net
0815 VHF 68 Abaco Cruiser’s Net
0900 VHF16 BASRA HQ opens in Nassau and you can ask them for weather
1930 VHF 9 Don on Deja Vu does weather from Hopetown in the Abacos.

The Bahamas forecast is available on a number of local AM radio stations, and is given on BASRA forecasts. They give forecasts for the Northwest, Central and Southeast Bahamas. The forecast areas are approximately as follows.

The Northwest Bahamas are the Islands north of a line drawn between the South tip of Eleuthera and the south tip of Andros. That is a BIG area. The Central Bahamas extend south of that line to the Crooked Island passage. The Southeast Bahamas cover the rest. The line between the Northwest and Central Bahamas cuts through the Exumas, and is a reasonably small area that is a boundary zone. Often the Central Bahamas is lumped in with one of the other ones.

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