Saturday is the day to move

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Looking at the various weather models the day to move is Saturday. Normally Odelia would not move on Shabbot but on rare occasions weather does not permit any other time and this is one of them.

So today we will check out of the marina in Gouvia and move down to Corfu town to anchor. We have to move early in the day, we would like to be underway by 4-5 am. Not possible if we have to check out of the marina, check out with the port authority, and release the lines from our neighbor’s boat. So we will do all of the checkout stuff today and then go anchor. When we want to leave from anchor it’s fast just pull and we’re gone.

So just in case we don’t have internet, our next stop is Prevesa(sp?) in a small bay south and west of our current position. 64 nautical miles from our current position and about eight hours travel.

We still have the internet here so here is a picture of our track. June 27

Once we got settled we did a bit of boat maintenance. The low pressure pump for the watermaker packed it in so we had to replace the magnetic pump part of the unit. I’ve never had the opportunity to take one apart before so I got a chance to play with the pump and tear it to pieces. Always fun. We have the new pump up and running and I think I’ve got the other pump head so that it would probably work for a short term but I wouldn’t trust it very long.  The sailing school in Corfu is very busy with lots of little boats, Sunfish, Optimas, and 470s as well as  a few hobie cat catamarans. There are lots of neat boats around here.

The colors on the fort are pretty. Old Fortress in Corfu from the water approaching from the south_thumb

Just as we were having dinner a HUGE yacht anchored beside us. We looked it up online. You can charter it for a week in the summer for slightly over 250,000 euro! That does not include fuel, marina fees, groceries, or the tip for the crew (10%). Somehow scrubbing teak and polishing a little stainless hardly counts, We can’t thank Rick and Tsipy enough.

I set up skype to make phone calls and made phone calls to my mother and brother to see how they were making out. Things seem to be going ok but as always they seem to be a bit nervous when we are away.

I was talking to my stepfather John at 3pm just as I was thinking about bed. It is here and the lights on the lighthouse in Corfu are really pretty. Unfortunately the picture isn’t as good as I wanted.


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