That sinking feeling

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Whenever we are getting ready for a serious trip we always get a sinking feeling.

What have we forgotten?

Health insurance: We don’t leave home without it but we had to get our regular 31 day package extended. Check!

Travel Insurance: Originally we got this because of health issues related to Bonnie’s brother Brian and my brother John, both are not in particularly good shape at the moment. Now that Istanbul seems to be having issues we are happy to have it. If things go badly and Canada issues a travel advisory then we can call the insurance company to help us out, I think. Check!

New Computer: My old staying that computers are like milk if you buy too much it goes bad before you use it. (In other words buy a computer for what you want it to do not the greatest one with all the latest whiz bang features you may never need or use). Well the opposite side of that is that eventually the milk does sour and you can’t ask the old computer to do any more. If I really want to be able to do the blog, run some nav software, do my banking… I needed a computer with a little more horsepower. So after trying to remember what my requirement list was and tweaking my computer, this blog is the last test that the new computer will perform as expected, Check!

The House: Paul and Debbie, our next door neighbours are watching the mail and doing the daily checks, our friend Gord is going to mow the lawn. We mowed the lawn yesterday so it looks pretty good now. We have extra gas and all the oil etc he should need.

The boat: Safely on our mooring in Douglas Harbour with a friend watching it for us. Dave and Lynn are in the harbour a lot so the boat is in good hands.

The clothes: Rick and Tsipy have a washer/dryer on board so we don’t need to worry about packing tonnes of clothes. Come to find out my socks supply is running out, off to Walmart, 20 pair of black socks for $10 good enough. I’ll pack 5 pair and if any make it home I’ll be surprised. Being all the same I can throw them out one at a time and still have matched socks.

Electronics: Rick’s boat runs the standard US power so we are ok on the boat. Off the boat may be an issue but I have a adapter for the standard plug in so it should be fine. I don’t think we have to work for off the boat much anyway. GPS, cell phone, cameras are all good on battery. I have the adapters for them. I was debating about the cell but I will probably take it with me. The new computer has skype so I can use skype for “Phone Calls” My niece Nicole is on enough that she can relay any messages that need to be relayed. If we find that a phone is useful I’ll buy a simm card when I get there. Stay tuned for a new cell number.

Luggage: One soft sided carry-on each. I’m hoping to have enough space in my bag to have my electronics in it. Bonnie will carry her backpack as well. It’s nice to have a backpack to toddle around with.

Cash: When we were going to Cuba it was a cash society. I’m hoping we can do more of a plastic money run on this trip. We have a small reserve to start and I put a reserve onto our VISA card so I can pull cash from it or my ATM card without any fees. With the computer I can transfer cash to our visa card as we need it.

Airline tickets: check!

Boat: Not there yet. We have been watching to watch the ship carrying Odelia cross the Med. The Spiegelgracht is moored along side Genoa Italy. She is not far away.
The current location of the ship that carries Odelia

Family visits: Almost we are heading out to Ken and Jackie’s to visit with mother and John for father’s day. Should be getting ready to go. Once we get back it is the final pack. We don’t leave for the airport until just before dinner. We are leaving from Fredericton so it’s just a taxi ride away.

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