The Long weekend

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Unfortunately no pictures.

We went down to Douglas Harbour where we keep our boat and brought her alongside the dock for the evening. Dave and Lynn were just leaving in the dinghy as we arrived so they were just ahead of that. Dave had stopped by to borrow our second outboard as his two outboards are in the shop at the same time. The saga of Dave’s outboard problems continue. We didn’t bother unpacking the Landrover and just brought the boat to the dock so we could load it from there. We didn’t bring a lot of stuff with us, but Bonnie had a bunch of scrap wood that she collected that she wanted to burn in the fire pit.

We settled into the dock and Dave, Lynn, Bonnie, and I sat on the wharf having a drink or several, having a fire in the fire pit and talking. It was nice to have some time with Dave and Lynn. We were all tired and we packed it in relatively early.

We got up and headed to the Douglas Harbour Fire Hall for their breakfast. It is a HUGE breakfast and although we tried to get Lynn to come she wouldn’t. We knew we couldn’t get Dave to come, he’s much too health conscious for a DH Breakfast. The breakfast is 2 eggs (scrambled or fried), 3-4 pieces of bacon, 2 pieces of toast, a large spoonful of beans, a couple of pancakes, coffee, and juice. We always see people we know and we never need a lunch and have a light supper (sometimes just wine and cheese.)

The weather forecast put off Dave and he and Lynn left for home. Bonnie and I wanted to go somewhere and we wanted to continue our tradition of getting a new anchorage every year. We have been finding a new anchorage in the Saint John river every year that we have had the boat in the river. And although we knew of the anchorage behind Grimross Island before but, we had never used it before so it counts as new to us. We headed off and within a couple hours we were surprised by how big the anchorage was and how well protected it was. We were able to go up quite a way and still had 7-9 feet of water. The water is still high this year and in a low year we might be a little nervous where we were but the anchorage is bigger than on the charts.

We spent a quiet night watching bald eagles, osprey, and a host of ducks around us and the only other boat in the anchorage pulled up the hook and headed out just before dinner.

The next day we headed back to DH and this time the clouds looked bad and we doubted we would have gotten home without getting the enclosure soaked. When we got there we were happy to see Jeff and Wandie on their boat. We were also please to see the skies lighten up and be much less threatening. We went over to Blue J, Jeff and Wandie’s J 36 and went for a nice sail on the lake, the clouds were threatening and then lightened up, then threatened again, on and off, on and off, all afternoon, we even had a sunny break. Five to six knots under the jib, didn’t rain once.

We got back to the harbour and it didn’t look good and the forecast was terrible, high winds 20K gusting to 40 from the north(cold) and 90% chance of RAIN. We elected to go home and when we got to Oromocto 45 minutes away it was sunny, with a nice breeze. Sigh They got the next day right LOTS of rain, not so much wind.

I did yacht club stuff and puttered on the computer most of the day, Gordon Hunter a prof I taught with at St FX came online and I got a chance to talk to him on skype. The four of us had a nice chat and it was good to talk to them again.

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