The summary of our 2014 Cuba trip

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I’ve put all of the posts in order so that it is easier to read and if you want to print a copy for easier reading, or taking to your mother so she can read it(the reason I did it). You can load the summary and just hit print.

Winter 2014 Our second trip to Cuba

You may notice a few “updates” to pages, most of them are fixing a couple of html items not real updates.

Now back to real life, a friend of mine died while he was teaching a CPS course so I’ve volunteered to help teach it. It has been bitterly cold for the last while so that is no fun. I’m trying to catch up to my treasurer duties with the Yacht club as well as organize a summer cruise. And oh yeah, I really wanted to start construction of the boat this summer.

Back to the boring retired life.

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