We survived!

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The post tropical storm Arthur stopped by for a visit. We had lots of warning. We were leading the FYC Summer Cruise and we got as far as Douglas Harbour and pulled the plug. Douglas Harbour is very well protected, much better than Fredericton. So we pulled the plug on the cruise and did our best to prepare the boat for the winds and headed home to take care of the house. We did lots of cleanup around the yard filled all the vehicles with gas and filled a couple of extra containers of gas for the generator if needed. ( If I knew how needed I would have filled up a few more. )

The storm was about what we expected for being this distance from the eye. We got over 100 mm of rain in a day. Our weather station gave us a 1 second sustained wind of 30 knots, not even gale force. The gusts were much higher. The peak recorded in Fredericton, just north of use was around 106km or 50 knots. A hurricane is sustained 1 second above 64 knots. We didn’t have close to hurricane force winds, we were very lucky.

We lost parts of four trees, three other trees completely. We had no damage from the winds and the house survived fine. We lost power for close to 40 hours. Our generator was very handy. For the last 30 hours we were running around with the generator running our neighbours fridges and freezers a couple hours at the time to keep them cold. We were keeping six houses including our own in power. Our internet phone was dead and our cell service was spotty at best.

We went down to Douglas Harbour to check the boat. Our boat did not move but another boat dragged into it and did some cosmetic damage to the hull. During a lull they were able to move their boat to another mooring. Our hard bimini split in half and did a lot of damage to itself. But the boat was in very good shape all in all. There were three boats that moved, one just went into the mud, another did a fair amount of damage to another boat and took a lot of cosmetic damage to itself.

The bimini pieces are now off the boat and in my shop. We should be able to start the process of reconstruction shortly, it’s going to be a lot of do a little bit of epoxy, wait for it to dry, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, It may take a couple weeks before I get to the painting stage. It’s hard to say. Our biggest problem is going to be replacing the heavy zipper for the enclosure.

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