• November 22 Back to Maggie and Jamal’s

    We awoke early to the sound of the squirrel monkeys arriving. They came as a large troop it was impossible to count them all at the same time as they were constantly moving and appearing from different places and then hiding in the large tree. There was over a dozen. We watched them for a […more]

  • November 19 2015 Off to Maggie’s

    We were supposed to be picked up at the AirBnB place at 1pm so we had all morning to kill. We walked over to the Amon District looking for a Gallery and didn't find it. But we did find a lot of neat buildings, street art and nice places. From there we went to China […more]

  • Back from another adventure in Cuba!

    Hi All, just a short note to say that we are back from our month long winter vacation in Cuba. We are both safe and sound barely a sunburn to be reported. Paul, our too good to be true neighbour picked us up last night at 1am and dropped us in our driveway. I turned […more]

  • Saturday is the day to move

    Looking at the various weather models the day to move is Saturday. Normally Odelia would not move on Shabbot but on rare occasions weather does not permit any other time and this is one of them. So today we will check out of the marina in Gouvia and move down to Corfu town to anchor. […more]

  • Definition: Cruising – Boat maintenance done in nice places.

    The definition of the cruising life is boat maintenance done in nice places. Another truism is that it takes about 1 hour per foot of length per week to keep a boat in good condition. So it takes over 60 hours a week to keep Odelia in good condition. We know how hard it is […more]