• That sinking feeling

    Whenever we are getting ready for a serious trip we always get a sinking feeling. What have we forgotten? Health insurance: We don't leave home without it but we had to get our regular 31 day package extended. Check! Travel Insurance: Originally we got this because of health issues related to Bonnie's brother Brian and […more]

  • A new adventure is approaching!

    2013 Trip to the Mediterranian ( Odelia returns to the Med ) The Beginnings Back in early 2004, we had our boat in the Bahamas,  we were doing volunteer work at the Exuma Cays Land and Sea park in the Bahamas. I was building furniture for the warden’s house and Bonnie was bending plastic pipe […more]

  • New web site

    Time to change to a new style of web site. The old one was getting a little too outdated and starting to cause Andrew a few problems. Changing things around and trying to get things better organized won't hurt either. For those on the email list you may notice a change as well. So stay […more]