• January 28, 2014 Cienfuegos Marti Day celebrations and the day of doors.

    No dance club on Monday night so this was the first good night sleep we have had in Cienfuegos. We were seriously talking of looking for another casa yesterday. We went up to Cubatour and asked about a trip to the Waterfalls and the Lagoon, 35 each to the falls, leave at 8 back at […more]

  • January 27 2014 Cienfuegos lay day.

    Another night of Night club and revelers. Bonnie was tired and so was I, we decided on a lay day. We watched the 1, 2, 4, and 8 person rowing teams and had an extra cup of coffee. This casa is much more like a hotel and has much more of a hotel feel than […more]

  • January 26, 2014 The Botanical Garden and the fort.

    We had a vegetarian omelet for breakfast, a one egg omelet with a cabbage salad inside. We were met at the Casa after breakfast by the taxi driver and his friend. Both Bonnie and I notice the driver slip his friend a commission. The taxi was an old Lada in OK shape The taxi driver […more]

  • January 25, 2014 Cienfuegos

    The night club next door kept us up for a while and then we were awoken again when the patrons left laughing and singing as they walked under the window of our room. Walked up to Jose Marti Park and toured the theatre. It was an impressive piece of work. We ran into the cleaning […more]

  • January 24, 2014 Off to Cienfuegos

    We had breakfast scheduled for 7 but we were ready early and so was Pepe so we were done eating by 7:10 We walked over to the bus station and it was a zoo. We were glad that we had our tickets already. It was a long bus ride to Cienfuegos. It was good to […more]

  • January 23, 2014 The Matanzas Hop-on Hop-off bus tour

    We finished breakfast and headed down to First Ave to get to the Matanzas Bus tour stop. The bus was a bit late and we ended up talking to a retired guy that had been coming to Varadero for years. He comes several times a year. It was interesting to hear his comments on Cuba […more]

  • January 22, 2014 A day to adjust to Cuban weather

    We are lazy travelers, we don't bust a gut trying to do everything and see everything. Our objective is to have a good winter vacation in Cuba, not to see and do everything. If a place is really interesting and we just HAVE to come back to see something we missed, we will, someday. In […more]

  • Fredericton to Varadero Jan 21, 2014

    Paul picked us up at 0350 and took us to the airport, it was -20 C and the wind was cold. We had checked in and printed our boarding passes the day before so all we had to do was security. Security doesn't open until 0415 so we sat around twiddling our thumbs for 20 […more]

  • Back from another adventure in Cuba!

    Hi All, just a short note to say that we are back from our month long winter vacation in Cuba. We are both safe and sound barely a sunburn to be reported. Paul, our too good to be true neighbour picked us up last night at 1am and dropped us in our driveway. I turned […more]

  • The Corning Museum of Glass

    Bonnie and I got up and were at the Museum of Glass at 9am and were able to spend 4 hours at the Museum before we left for St. Catherines. It was well worth the visit and Bonnie has not checked it off the list. here are a few pics Nope it's not off my […more]

  • Off to Ian’s wedding

    Hi all We are off again. Bonnie and I were frantically working on the boat to install a bunch of new windows while we had good weather this fall. We got the aft cabin done and were starting on the forward cabin, JUST started, when it was time to leave for another road trip. We […more]

  • Return trip up river

    We had a wonderful summer and the trip up river was the icing on the cake. As usual we had more things to get done than we could get done so we were late getting to the lake. So rather than Mount Creek we ended up staying on our mooring for the night. It was […more]

  • The Long weekend

    Unfortunately no pictures. We went down to Douglas Harbour where we keep our boat and brought her alongside the dock for the evening. Dave and Lynn were just leaving in the dinghy as we arrived so they were just ahead of that. Dave had stopped by to borrow our second outboard as his two outboards […more]

  • A visit from Gordon and his girls.

    We had a lovely day on the boat with Gordon Fowler and his girls Stephanie and Allison. Stephanie brought her friend Chris along as well. Stephanie and Chris were down visiting from Ontario.

  • Nicolette and Chris’ wedding

    I've lost this post three times now so here goes We left the Ship modeler's guild regatta and headed back home in time to change, go over to pick up my mother and step father take them to the wedding. We were back to Norman's in time to change and head back to Dartmouth for […more]

  • Halifax, Family and friends, and the Ship Modeler’s guild

    We were in Halifax for two good reasons, a family wedding and a visit with long term boating friends, Norman and Sarah-Jane. We normally visit with Norman and Sarah-Jane at least a couple times a year but it had been at least a year and a half since we had been down. Our first event […more]

  • July 31 The Long day home

    We were up early to catch the bus to Ismir Airport and to allow Rick and Tsipy to get underway. It was supposed to be a good day so miles were to be had. We were sad to be leaving them. We had an incredible adventure with them but we were leaving with a bit […more]

  • July 30 Our last real day in Turkey

    [Sorry for the long hiatus waiting for the last of the logs for the trip, things have been hectic here with boat stuff, house stuff, and a family wedding. I've been working on the log of the trip and it should be available in PDF form shortly. I want to do a first pass at […more]

  • We’re home!

    May not be entirely awake, but we're home. We left Rick and Tsipy about 6:30 am and got home about 2:30 am. Both local times and we added 6 or 7 hours to that with the timezone changes. So our day was about 27 hours between sleeps. more later when I'm awake

  • July 29

    Today we were going to try for a dolmosh(small bus service) into the real port of Cesme as opposed to the resort side where we are. This side is very much the resort side for the wealthy Turkish people. We walked up to the dolmosh stand and got a ride just as we got to […more]