• Stepping back a few days, The Corinth Canal

    The Corinth Canal We left Confused Windy Bay, our name for the anchorage we were in. It came by the name by the weird winds we got. We set our anchor anticipating northerly winds in the forecast but the winds were anything but. We were getting blasted from all sides so we pulled up our […more]

  • Another short post

    Another short post, the meltimis are blowing strong across the Aegean so we can't take a direct route across. There is a weather window tomorrow morning, another early start, to get from where we are and up to the island of Evia. From there we can cross the northern end of the Aegean in lighter […more]

  • Just a real quick post, maybe more later

    We left Itea to go toward the Cornith Canal and were hit by less than good weather so we bailed and headed up to another anchorage, one with out internet so no posts. We were stuck there for two days and then headed toward the Corinth Canal. After hear horror stories of waiting for hours […more]

  • July 6

    Shabbot, a day of rest, well sort of. We didn't go anywhere but Rick and I changed the sea water pump on the starboard engine with his spare pump. That was a 20 minute job at most. We needed to redo the seals in the pump that we removed and that took several hours. The […more]

  • July 5 Delphi!!!!

    It was a beautiful morning. I did a little research on Delphi on Trip Advisor and Wikipedia. I printed off directions but it was all greek to me. Bonnie's the navigator, one of the pieces of the map had a lot of back and forth squiggles. The directions I had were in Greek with English […more]

  • July 4 (Happy Birthday America)

    Just a quick note while we are out buying our internet service. We are currently in Itea. Itea is near Delphi. We are hoping to rent a car and go there tomorrow. Then it is a day off for shabbot. Then we head to the Corinth Canal. After that we are waiting for the Meltimi's […more]

  • July 3

    We were up at 530 to start the engines and leave. The sun was not up but the light was enough to see clearly. We are up early to move so we are anchor down by the time the winds start to freshen around noon. This morning we were considering moving farther but there are […more]

  • July 2

    We were up relatively early but Rick wanted to head off to get the SIMM Card for his phone. He was happy when he got back, a SIMM card and Tsipy was able to get bread “and a”. Rick calls her the “and a” lady. She will go to the store “ONLY for bread” and […more]

  • June 30 +

    Today was an anchor day. All of us had a nap at one point or another. At one point I finally woke up and Bonnie was still napping so I slipped into the engine room and reassembled the generator covers. It was great all except for one screw was missing, and when I checked with […more]

  • June 29

    June 29 We were up early and underway at 3:30 am hoping to catch a good wind to Prevaza the last several days were a problem due to winds kicking up the seas and the crossing seas can be a problem for Odelia. The trip down was uneventful and smooth, although a little chilly. We […more]

  • Market day!

    One of the most interesting things we do when we travel either by RV or by Boat is go to the market. You can get a flavor of the people that you are visiting by looking at the food that they buy. If you can get to visit a farmer's market you see more than […more]

  • Saturday is the day to move

    Looking at the various weather models the day to move is Saturday. Normally Odelia would not move on Shabbot but on rare occasions weather does not permit any other time and this is one of them. So today we will check out of the marina in Gouvia and move down to Corfu town to anchor. […more]

  • Definition: Cruising – Boat maintenance done in nice places.

    The definition of the cruising life is boat maintenance done in nice places. Another truism is that it takes about 1 hour per foot of length per week to keep a boat in good condition. So it takes over 60 hours a week to keep Odelia in good condition. We know how hard it is […more]

  • Corfu

    Last night after dinner we went for a walk out to the end of the street for the festival they were having for the town. There was a live band and kids were dancing and the adults were talking and eating, and watching the kids dance. We watched the band for a while and then […more]

  • June 23-24

    June 23-24   On Friday when we arrived we asked the Customs people if they were going to be open on Sunday so we could check out. “No Problem, open 8 O'clock” When they found out that we were staying on anchor they customs guy said but you need 3 copies of this form and […more]

  • Good internet connection this a.m. Check the gallery

    As is usual I wake up about 5am local time. Budva is a nightlife kind of town so for some reason at 5.am the internet connection was working pretty good. I took the chance to do a bit of photoalbum work so check out the new additions to our gallery of our 2013 Med Sea […more]

  • Leaving Tivat now in Budva heading straight to Greece

    Just a short note, Rick and I are in the Old Fisherman's bar in Budva, Montenegro. All things going well except for the long distance wifi antenna seems to be having a moment. We are going to go directly from Montengro to Greece and avoid Albania. The Lonely Planet guide is a land based travel […more]

  • longer TEXT post

    The internet connection at the Marina SUCKS! so no pictures However We're OFF! It was nice to be leaving late in the day. We had all day to get ready to check on things to double check the lists... It gave us a good night sleep, we had all day to worry about stuff so […more]

  • Odelia is in the water.

    Success. Odelia is in the water. Rick has an AIS Class b (Pleasure boat) transmitter. So if you want to see exactly where we are this link should give you the current position. Near the bottom of the link is Current Vessel Track If you click the current vessel track you will see where we […more]

  • Arrived in Montenegro

    More later but we have arrived in Tivat Montenegro, I'm currently in the Porto Montenegro Marina at the restaurant One waiting for Rick and Tsipy for our fall back position. It is 30 C sunny and lovely weather, having a beer on the patio, it's just after 2:30 and I love it. Even if it […more]